Purple Hummingbird Woolens

Handmade Woolens For The Whole Family

About PHW

Johanna with some woolens

I love wool and I love to knit. Today we have so many beautiful yarns and fabulous colors to play with. Even though I make dozens and dozens of socks, it’s about the color! Fleece for the playmats and felting comes from Harrisville Designs and the depth of their color blending excites my imagination. When I knit the hats and mittens to felt, they look like ridiculous fishnets. I throw them into the washing machine to felt and magic happens. Every time, it’s like pulling gifts out.

My felted, zippered vests, made in sizes for the whole family, are also knit with Harrisville Design yarn, giving me 65 colors to choose from. Feel the warmth of a vest with the freedom of arm movement.

I knit with Lanaloft from Brown Sheep Company for my felted slippers as they offer a palette of rich colors. Yarns for socks come from all over the world. My socks are worn in Antarctica, Australia, Canada and all over the US. Why do people spend so much time choosing my socks? Because it’s fun! Then there are those little sock ornaments for your tree or favorite doll.

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